Magic Mike has a lot to answer for: Bangkok Edition
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So, my best friend is getting married in Bangkok. I am one of her bridesmaids. She wants to go see male strippers for her hen do/bachelorette party. Please help me make this not terrible.

There are four bridesmaids organising this hen do. None of us live in Thailand (I live in the UK, the other three are in South Korea, Indonesia and Australia). The bride and I are fairly enlightened about the Thai sex trade, though this isn't the case for all of us. I would like this to be as unskeevy as possible. I accept fully that this isn't going to be 100% possible. However, if it can be 50% possible, that would be great. Given the choice I would not be organising this, but I feel that I should as I am the most responsible of us (for example: the other bridesmaid who is up for organising sees no problem with the more awful side of the Thai sex trade, and talks positively about the sex show she and her husband went to that the description of made my skin crawl.)

I arrive in Bangkok on the 3rd of January, the hen do is on the 5th (a Thursday). The only person I know who speaks Thai is the groom.

The bride wants male strippers. She does not want drag queens or 'ladyboy' performers. She want's the Magic Mike type experience. We also want to go somewhere, not hire someone to come to us. The ideal situation is a bar that does a male strip show where we can buy dances and drinks that is well respected and not dodgy.

I have done a google search, but I think I need to be looking in Thai for this.

It has to be Bangkok. We cannot travel to anywhere else in Thailand.
If this isn't possible then I will talk to the bride.
Assume all the other parts of the hen do are taken care of. We have pampering covered. We have hotels. We've got reservation at the finest restaurant. Tell me about strippers. Help me help my childhood friend get dicks waved in front of her face.
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The concierge (or other front desk staff, if there isn't an official concierge) at your hotel should be able to help.
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You should (I feel gross for bringing it up) check with your bride if she wants Asian strippers at all, she may have something Chippendaley in mind.
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Not to thread sit but I'm staying at the Atlanta Hotel, I don't think it would go down well. However, if I don't find somewhere I'm sure someone else can ask.

Also my bride is Asian, her fiance is Asian, we are in Asia, if she can't deal with a stripper being Asian I'm not sure we would be friends anymore.
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In your shoes, the solution I would go for is to book a one-night stay at a five-star hotel in Bangkok that is LGBT and women-friendly, and talk directly to the concierge about arranging an in-room visit by 2-3 English-speaking freelance male escorts for a strip-show, no sex involved. Freelancers working at a 5-star tourist hotel are near the top of the sex-work pyramid compared to sex workers in a bar, and by being clear about the parameters of what you want - Magic Mike, no sex, english speaking freelancers, you've got a good shot at getting your money to people making independent choices with some work safety.
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