can I eat this: preserved lemon edition
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Jar of commercially prepared and jarred preserved lemons, expired in April. They are totally fine, right?

Like, I know expiry dates are mostly fake, and this is just lemons and salt basically, so I assume I could eat these ten years from now and they would be the same. They taste and smell fine. I just don't want anyone to get botulism because of me, y'know?
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They're fine. (Edit: if they were fine in April they are still fine now.)
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Still Tasty didn't list pickled lemons but I figure sauerkraut is just cabbage and salt (close enough) so I did a search for that and they were basically like 'shrug it might not taste as good'
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Texture and taste might be not quite what you expect, but I'd eat it without reservation.
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Yep, like you said, you could eat these in ten years and they'd be identical. That's the whole point of preserved lemons.

(You only have to worry about botulism in low-acid and low-salt environments--preserved lemons are probably one of the most inhospitable environments for that bacteria to live in, period.)
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