I'm gonna need some dog treats for this
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I am interested in baking some dog treats. Except these treats aren't for dogs, and they're not even really for eating. Instead they're a cosplay prop, and the most important thing is that I can hold them in my mouth as long as possible. Do you know how I might make these?

I'm thinking about cosplaying Doggo from Undertale, who smokes dog treats like cigarettes. Most of the costume seems easy enough, but I would really love to incorporate this element into it, and of course I'm not going to find anything like this in stores. I think what's important here is:
  • it's shaped like a dog bone
  • it's as long as practical, for best visibility
  • it's thin and narrow, like a cigarette
  • it's relatively dense, so I can hold it in my mouth for a little while without it falling apart
  • one end looks very burnt or even ashen, like it's being smoked (I figure I can just hold it over an open flame for a bit?)
  • it's real food, so I don't feel too terrible about having it in my mouth and injesting crumbs
Tasting good is a bonus but not really necessary, as long as it's not too disgusting to hold in my mouth.

I've never baked anything complicated and don't really have a grasp on how different recipes get different results. Do you know a good starting point that would hold up the way I need, in the shape I need? And if you have any suggestions for tackling the finer points here, I'm all ears. Thanks so much in advance.
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Make some gingerbread dog treats! You can either buy a dog bone cookie cutter or craft one to your dimensions by taking pliers to a round cookie cutter!

You'll want a "gingerbread for making gingerbread houses" type recipe instead of a "round gingerbread cookies" type recipe for maximum density/holding togetherness.
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Why not use wood or something else that won't disintegrate?
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amtho: That would hold up better but I figure baked goods would look more authentic (uh, whatever that means in this context).
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Slim jims? Other types of stick jerky?

You could probably craft a lit end and 'stream of smoke' out of a twist of tin foil that you can wrap around the other end of the meat stick. Use a red sharpy or whatever and colour the cap part red.

Or even just a red thumbtack to keep it stuck on.
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you could sculpt one out of polymer clay
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If you go the gingerbread route, this recipe is legit af for an indestructible, architecture-grade bake. (Via.)
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Yeah, use clay. Look up making food with polymer and bake to cure. It's non-toxic. Usually you use a toothpick or a little brush for texture. Paint can bring out details. Here's a video for different cookies. Here's one for a dog treat. (I think cookie and cake clay tutorials will be the closest.)

Anything food-like will get mixed with saliva and get slimy or sticky and gross or disintegrate.
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I make mass quantities of these dog treats from King Arthur Flour every year to give as gifts to friends with pets. They're a big hit, and totally edible by anyone. They do contain peanut butter. They are pretty bland (I've eaten a couple), but fully edible and fairly easy to make. Dog bone shape cutter recommended.
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You could try ornament dough. It's usually made with flour, salt and water.
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Make the end look burned but also glue a tiny bit of red or orange glitter on. When it catches the light it'll seem to be glowing.
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Ornament dough Is salty but super durable. And you can paint it with food coloring for best appearance.
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Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. In retrospect, I maybe oversold the "hold it in my mouth" part of this. I want it to hold up for a while, for photos or whatever, but I don't necessarily need it to last all day. I don't think I'd want a prop in my mouth that long even if it was actually possible.

I marked the gingerbread suggestions as "best," because I think they'll give me the best overall results for the costume with the skills and tools I have, but for any future readers, I think they're all good ideas with different trade-offs. Thanks again!
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