ISO Chrome site blocker customizable for each day of the week
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I'm searching for a Chrome site blocker that will allow me to set different blocking parameters for workdays and weekends. (For example, so I can limit distraction sites to 15 minutes per day during work hours M-F, but allow myself an hour on Saturday and Sunday.) StayFocusd doesn't have that feature, unfortunately--it only lets me select which days it runs, not how much it runs on each day. Suggestions?

(I'd rather not go through the hassle of switching browsers if I can avoid it, but if there's something awesome that only works on Firefox or Safari, let me know.)
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Leechblock on Firefox can do this. It gives you six different block lists and multiple ways of controlling allowable time limits.
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It looks like Freedom has (some?) scheduling features – have you seen that one, and is it inadequate?
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