I want to laugh, dammit!
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I keep hearing we're in the golden age of TV. And yes, there's definitely too many acclaimed dramas to even keep up with, and new must-watch ones each year. But what are the great new sitcoms of today? What makes you laugh on a regular basis?
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The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (I struggle with the grimmer/sadder moments of the show, and sometimes it's funny because it's true, but it's still funny and the characters are well-fleshed).
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The Good Place is the rare show these days that actually makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis.
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Seconding Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
The Last Man on Earth.
Its run has ended, but every season of Community is available on Hulu.
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Blackish and Superstore.
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We loved Galavant, and are currently watching and enjoying Brooklyn 99 as well.
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The Ranch on Netflix is very good. I think it's one of the most emotionally honest sitcoms I've seen in a long time. Not that it's dramatic or emotional, just that it's very real in the writing. They're not just going for the cheap gag, the characterization is very strong.
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Phoneshop was the sitcom that captured exactly what life in modern London feels like.
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For us "People of Earth" is the new Brooklyn 99.
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Speechless has been very funny so far, 7 episodes into its first season. And Fresh Off The Boat is still funny 3 seasons in. (Constance Wu is a national treasure.)
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The Good Place is absolutely hilarious.
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Oh, and Trophy Wife was very funny - only ran for the one season, but is up on the ABC Go app apparently, not sure where else one can stream it. It was child-actor Albert Tsai's first role as a series-regular, and I think he's got a great comedy career ahead of him.

Enlisted was another good one-season-wonder. And Cougar Town had a lot of funny laugh-out-loud moments once they got away from the initial title-premise and went for the wacky (the 'ha ha look at how much wine we drink' jokes got pretty tiresome by the end, but, the cast played off each other really well overall).
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nthing Brooklyn 99 and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

but my favourite comedy at the moment is Catastrophe. I am so, so excited for season 3!
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Veep is worth the HBO (or HBO Now) subscription.
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It's got a dark streak running through it for sure, but I am 100& gaga in love with "You're The Worst" on FX. Also, it's been on for a while now, but "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" makes me laugh like a loon.

"People of Earth" is only a couple of episodes in, but is weird and funny and charming so far.
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Superstore, blackish, and The Goldbergs.
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You're The Worst
Brooklyn 99

Not sure if you're interested in animated shows but by far the funniest shows on TV in the last couple years are Bojack Horseman and Rick and Morty.
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Silicon Valley
Master of None
Lady Dynamite
Adventure Time
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If you can find it in the US, Fleabag is the best new tv comedy I've seen in ages.
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Jane the Virgin on The CW. It's styled like a telenovela, and definitely has drama, but it's lots of fun. Really thoroughly enjoyable.
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I keep pimping it here, but Grace and Frankie (Netflix) is beautiful and funny and true and, yes, occasionally devastating. Ditto One Mississippi (Tig Notaro's Amazon sitcom about the events she talked about in her famed Live set).

(Also, Fleabag is on Amazon.)
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Angie Tribeca!
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Broad City is the funniest show around right now, IMO.
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(It depends on your sense of humor I guess. A lot of the shows folks have listed I would probably describe as cute and diverting, but Broad City makes me full-on bellylaugh.)
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
If you enjoy animation and/or profanity: Archer and Bojack Horseman
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.
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Thirding Broad City, although some episodes can be hit or miss. It manages to nail the absurd humor that very few shows can. Peep Show is over, but it only ended last year so it is somewhat current. I would highly recommend it, as well.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is supposedly returning with a new season next year after ending five years ago, so that is something to be on the lookout for!

It's Always Sunny's next season comes out next year. Their last season was pretty disappointing but they kept me laughing for 10 straight seasons before then and even during parts of the not so good last season, so I still have faith in IASIP. Even if you don't plan on watching it, I highly recommend watching any of their older stuff. It is comedy gold and pretty absurb if that is your type of humor.
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The Grinder was good show that Fox cancelled because reasons. Streaming on Netflix now.
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There's only like 13 episodes of Detectorists, but Netflix has it on streaming, and it's one of my favorite shows. It's that rare comedy that I dove into and watched all of, instead of (my usual pattern of late) watching one or two episodes and getting put off by something and then going back a month later to try again.

It's quiet and sweet and heartwarming and it gives me warmfuzzies along with making me laugh.
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I also like Bojack Horseman and the sometimes disturbing bleak absurdism of Louie, but see above about being off-putting and my having to take a break and go back later.
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I too love the particular humor of Archer and Bojack Horseman... but Bojack is, to me, an dramedy at best... it is brilliant, but it can get heavy, man.

Also animated, Rick and Morty is often surrealist scifi humor
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Actually make me laugh:

Tier one:

Broad City

Tier two:

It's Always Sunny

Tier three:

Rick & Morty
Vice Principals
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You're the Worst rules, but it's not funny at all to me.
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Nth-ing Archer and Rick & Morty for animated options. I would not recommend Bojack to you—it swings pretty wildly between hilarious and depressing, which doesn't seem like what you want.
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Schitt's Creek
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Insecure [at the top of my list because it's new and deserves more attention] (HBO)
Catastrophe (Amazon)
Last Man On Earth (Hulu)
Silicon Valley (HBO)
High Maintenance (HBO)
Fleabag (Amazon)
Master of None (Netflix)
Bojack Horseman (Netflix)
Broad City (Hulu)
Louie (Netflix/Hulu)
Mississippi One (Amazon)
Veep (HBO)
Girls [I suppose this is semi-controversial but it still makes me laugh, and the most recent season was very strong] (HBO)
Laid (Netflix)
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Life in Pieces - a huge ensemble comedy in its second season
Better Things - a single mom dramedy that is pretty groundbreaking
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Bob's Burgers! Funny and sort of charming and not usually mean. Hulu and Netflix both.
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Kim's Convenience! (On CBC)
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I really really like The Middle. Sue Heck is delightful, and they struggle with poverty and class and family issues constantly. American Housewife has just started and reminds me a lot of Trophy Wife. Mom is by the same guy behind Big Bang Theory and yet is gritty and funny about women and addiction. The Mindy Project ricochets between awful or amazing. Another Period is insanely bizarrely brilliant. Sirens had a fun first season and is about to come back for a second season. Also Playing House - not loud laughs but big grins and giggles. Welcome to Sweden cracked me up and is coming back for more seasons (and hopefully more ABBA cameos). Oh yes - Episodes! I really liked this as a sort of grown-up UK-twist on Entourage. And from the UK, there's Man Down (SO GOOD!) and Moone Boy (OH YES) and the very silly Carry On-type hijinks of Plebs.

I also agree for Blackish, Grace and Frankie and Bob's Burgers.
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So far we have watched The Good Place (excellent) and finished up the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (also excellent although a bit cringey).

But so many other options to try! Thanks!
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