Stunning places in California
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Seeking comfort and beauty. Can you recommend beautiful spots to visit in California? I'm looking for excessively, stunningly beautiful places. Bonus points if they are peaceful.

I clicked a link to this "Tree Cathedral" in Italy and it made me realize I would like to focus on something beautiful right now.

Natural beauty and manmade beauty are both welcome. I like the idea of visiting these places and taking some time to let them sink in (a few hours or a few days). Kind of like visiting a place of worship. Links and pictures would be appreciated.

I'm interested in places that are open to the public, and private places that might require reservations (like The Tree Nest ).
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Does it matter if it is north or south? Lake Tahoe comes to mind immediately.
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I can go lie on my back in a Redwood "Cathedral Grove" for quite a while. Those formations occur in pretty much any growth of redwoods, though you have to get away from Muir Woods to find one that's little enough traveled to be peaceful. One of the state parks down near Santa Cruz, or Roy's Redwoods in Marin, are both places to spend some time looking up through the needles.

Man-made, the Sea Ranch Chapel is worth a visit and probably has some of what you're looking for.

(I'm deliberately avoiding any of the obvious National Parks & such)
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We spent some time exploring the twenty lakes basin at Saddlebag, which for me is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
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If you're okay with maybe being cold and wet, the Lost Coast. Bring everything you need to stay warm and dry in the case of a massive winter storm. Also make sure you have a schedule of tides so you don't get trapped by the water. Walk up the black sand beach until you can't see any people.
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Big Sur.
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Half Moon Bay in San Mateo county is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline I've seen in California - and I've been up and down the coast of the entire state more times than I can count on two hands and feet.
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Point Lobos is reliably fantastic and easily accessible.
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Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon (closed till spring) and Pinnacles National Parks!
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I love Death Valley. I've been all over and around it, it's all pretty stunning. If you approach from the direction of Lake Isabel you can take a little detour and also see some awesome redwood forest.
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Oh please go to Treebones in Big Sur! Magical and peaceful.
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I'll second Death Valley and Point Lobos. Actually there are quite a few places around the Monterey Bay area that are quite scenic. Saw a Great White shark while diving at Point Lobos once. Maybe not the scenery you were looking for...
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Seconding Death Valley.
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Cuffey's Cove up by Mendocino.
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So many places to see!
* The Marin Headlands, though it's certainly not peaceful due to all of the people and car traffic.
* Twin Peaks
* Alamere Falls at Point Reyes
* Glacier Point in Yosemite (along with the rest of Yosemite)
* Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, along with Point Lobos and the Bixby Bridge in the immediate area.
* Eagle Rock in Lake Tahoe, along with Emerald Bay.
* Big Trees State Park
* Devil's Postpile and the June Lakes Loop in fall.

Really, we could do this all day.
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Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
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Armstrong Redwoods is a little farther north of Muir Woods, but just as beautiful and far less busy.

Also remember that it's November, so if you head anywhere east, pack your car and dress appropriately.
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Another vote for Death Valley. I remember stopping off the road somewhere between Panamint and Stovepipe just to drink in the silence. I've never been somewhere so very quiet, no birds, no wind, just the shimmering salt flats and the endless range for miles and miles in every direction. The sheer stillness was profoundly moving. It felt like worship to me.
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The biggest trees in the world at sequoia and kings canyon. They're so incredibly large and so incredibly old; it's a really unique feeling just to be there.
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I've very fond of the Russian River valley between the coast and, say, Forest Hills (including the Guerneville area). Rent a kayak. Chill. The coast around the outlet of the Russian River is stunning, too. Wide, coastal horizons put me into a trancelike kind of peace. There are lots of trails in all these areas.

Sir Francis Drake Blvd. is more easily accessible from the SF Bay area. Between San Rafael and Olema, it passes through a relatively tight canyon, lined with parks and preserves and redwoods and camping.

I also love Napa-Bothe State Park. Even if you don't want to camp, you can come in as a day use visitor and hike the easy trail up Coyote Peak. The last time I did that hike (around Thanksgiving a couple years ago), I passed one person on the entire 2-3 hour loop. I climbed a huge pine tree near the top and sat there in silence looking out over the woods and valley below.
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Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino Forest. I have very fond tween memories of riding in the backseat, looking out at the majesty, while the soundtrack to "Chariots of Fire" played.
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Not as majestic as some of these, but the Berkeley Botanical Garden is lovely and beautiful, and they're now offering free admission from 9-11 until November 30th.
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Joshua Tree National Monument. We were there in late October and were often alone on walks through the desert and in and around the magnificent rocks. Very beautiful and peaceful.
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Does it matter if it is north or south?
North or south doesn’t matter. I live in Southern CA and I don’t mind the distance. I will be continuously revisiting this thread for trips of various lengths.

Wanted to add that specific destinations (like campgrounds, stopping points, specific trails) are awesome and very helpful. Also I love any type of ruins, like the cemetery at Cuffey’s Cove.

(Metafilter you are the best!)
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Lake Tahoe for sure. Mammoth and June Lakes area are amazing. In southern California Malibu is really pretty. As are areas of Santa Barbara, Ojai, and Solvang. But in general so much of California is visually amazing...from the mountains to the ocean.
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I love Asilomar Conference Ground. Extraordinarily peaceful.
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ljs30's mention of June Lake reminded me: It's been over a decade since I've been there, but this time of year (in between fishing season and ski season), it used to be cheap! And, yes, gorgeous and spectacular, especially a hike through the snow to the upper lakes.

(And on that trip you could also go by the tufa towers at Mono Lake)
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There's something very soothing about watching the La Jolla seals at sunset.
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Not exactly what you asked for, but I just saw a post that the roses are still in bloom at Huntington Gardens, so I'll suggest public gardens.
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excessively, stunningly beautiful places.

Mt. Shasta. Drive as far up the mountain as you can, and go during sunset.
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Lava Beds National Monument up on the OR border. I've only been there in the winter. It's stunning, in an other-worldly kind of way.
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Minaret Lake, The Minarets, particularly Clyde Minaret which, if climbed by the southern route, has exactly one 5-grade pitch. Take the Shadow Lake trail, and at the foot of Clyde Minaret there are numerous small lakes that are a delight to see (though the water is about 33 F, no matter the season). Works between Memorial Day and Labor Day and be prepared for snow the day after Labor Day - ask me how I know....
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If you are ok with cold and windy, Point Reyes is gorgeous and huge. At the very least you should plan on a full day there.
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If you're up to man-made places showing off natural beauty, the Monterey Bay Aquarium always has some amazing displays, and the bat-ray petting pool is a delight.
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Alabama Hills.
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Seconding Big Sur/Carmel/Monterey. Driving PH1 from SF to LA was soooo good for my soul.
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I get the "place of worship" feeling a lot when I'm out in Anza Borrego. Specifically the Domelands and wind caves and a couple of Kumeyaay sites around Dos Cabezas (because they really were areas of worship). I especially like the Mortero Palms oasis. Bonus -- that link describes a hike that takes you to the longest wooden railroad trestle in the world. It's not exactly a ruin, but nothing runs on that line anymore, so it might still itch that scratch for you.
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Little Lakes / Rock Creek. Off of Highway 395 near Mammoth.

Also the Lassen wilderness near Shasta. Driving the national forest roads down from there to Tahoe without descending is amazing when it's not snowy, if you're not in a hurry.
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Lots of great suggestions uppost.

I would add a drive up Route 395 and forays into the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada in Sept/Oct. Gorgeous Fall colors.
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