Book recommendations for a Maud Lewis lover
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For Christmas, my husband and I would like to get my mother-in-law a book about an artist (ideally, a painter) similar to the Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis. What are some books about similarly inspirational painters or interesting artists with touching, uplifting stories?

The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis is one of my MIL's favourite books of all time. She enjoyed reading about the artist's life as much as she enjoys the artwork. I think my MIL has a special affinity for Lewis because she’s also a painter herself.

A newer book might be a slightly safer bet, since there'd be less chance that she'll already have read it, but we're also open to doing some covert investigations via my father-in-law, so recommendations for older books with great inspirational stories are also very welcome.

Thanks for your help!
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I'd recommend a book about the American painter Grandma Moses.

For example: this one by Karal Ann Marling.
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There is a new (2016) movie out called Maudie. Perhaps you could buy her a video of that when they become available.
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Also, look at the Nova Scotia Gallery of Art Shop. It has a variety of Maude Lewis things.
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