Native American Rights non-profits/charities?
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I have a Native friend and hear quite a bit about their struggles as a basically constantly-ignored minority, and I fear that their struggles will only get worse in light of recent events. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good charity/non-profit to give to here for Native rights/Native issues?

Please assume that I've searched"Native American Charities" and browsed through the results, but have very little context beyond that. I'm also aware of and have donated to the #NoDAPL legal fund, but I'm looking for non-profit orgs specifically as those are more likely to be eligible for a donation match by my employer.
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Best answer: I love the Native American Rights Fund.
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Best answer: How about the Native Youth Sexual Health Network?
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Best answer: yeah, does really great work and is ndn owned and operated.
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Best answer: If you live in the US, there might be a state-based organization that you could donate to. NARA would be one of the local ones my employer would do a match for, but I live in Oregon.
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Response by poster: That's a good point, fiercekitten. I live in California, if anyone has local suggestions there.
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Best answer: Thanks for this Ask, as I am both in California and looking for foundations to support.

The NCAI (National Congress of American Indians) has a list of Tribal Organizations, several of which are in California. Another good starting point might be this American Indian Resource Center (from the LA County Public Library) with its "Websites" list that includes various California-based organizations.
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