Where can I find a sweet set of dominoes?
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I'm looking for a Christmas gift for my dad. I can't find one.

My dad quite likes playing dominoes. He plays every week down at the pub, and he's in the team for the local competitions. So for Christmas I figured I'd buy him a quality expensive-looking domino set. The sort of domino pieces where he could take them down to the pub and everyone would be like "ooh, they look nice," and be suitably impressed.

The only problem is that such a set doesn't seem to exist. I've Google-fu'd for hours, and all the domino sets I find are either unremarkable or cheap plywood. Searching 'expensive domino sets' turns up either a) the exact same domino sets as before but with a massive price hike or b) sets for millions of dollars, which is a little out of my price range.

Can anyone help? Either a neat dominoes set I've missed, or a place that might make a nice-looking custom set? (I live in the UK). Only my dad has utterly no other hobbies or interests, and if I buy him comedy DVDs for the tenth year running I think he'll glare at me.
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This is a bit of a longshot, but if I'm not mistaken, these are the same I have somewhere. They look good with that slightly off-white color, feel nice and are relatively heavy, and took quite a punishment (let's say, I didn't just play dominoes with them). Of course, I got them maybe 20 years ago, so can't promise if the quality holds up - the build might be of lower quality and feel flimsier, printing might be smudgier, etc.

Otherwise, competition dominoes are a thing. I've found these, although I'm really not qualified to judge if the price is worth it (even if the italian ones are gorgeous).
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Maybe a set of antiques?
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[Hijack: what's that little gold knob in the centre of the domino for?]

You could make them yourself. Wood or resin would be good materials.

Lots of bakelite sets on eBay.

Random link: these look nice. "dominoes brass inlay" might be the magic search term there. I tried "oak dominoes" but it turns out those are a different thing.
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[Hijack: what's that little gold knob in the centre of the domino for?]

making them easier to shuffle.
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