Favorite DC First Dates?
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I'm not super familiar with DC, but would like to plan a first date there. I was thinking something with good food (no known restrictions, but good options would be nice), something that's decently priced, and might have stuff around to walk to if the date goes well or we want to extend things a bit. Casual attire is preferred, and an easygoing atmosphere for conversation. Metro accessible would also be nice. The person I'm planning the date with is pretty familiar with DC, so nothing touristy.
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What's "decently priced" for you? Red Hen is a DC favorite with great food. dinner for two and wine will run about 50-70. and there are a few bars and coffee shops nearby that can extend the evening. Walk a bit further west and you've got all of U Street to stroll down.
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I think that 50 dollars for dinner and drinks is pretty optimal.
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I was in DC recently and had dinner with a DC-resident relative at Central at 11th and Pennsylvania NW (late chef Michel Richard). I think it was ~$150 for two (including tip), but we both ate and drank generously. It was quite good.
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As much as I like to grumble about Georgetown for being snooty and crowded, it's my #1 neighborhood for pleasant nighttime walks. I'm a big fan of Pizzeria Paradiso. Chez Billy Sud and Piccolo are a little more upscale but you can probably still squeak in under the $50pp mark. Il Canale (Italian, it's one of the city's 3? legit Neapolitan pizza places) is also good and reasonably priced. I hear very good things about Das for Ethiopian food. If you're really into creative cocktails, then do Farmers Fishers Bakers.
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I was also going to say Farmers Fishers Bakers, which is decent walking distance to metro. I had dinner there the other night, and it was really tasty and nice, albeit slightly loud. Quite crowded on a Friday night, with at least 45 minutes to wait. But you can have drinks at the outdoors bar by the river to start, and if things go well there's all of the waterfront with fountains and nice views to explore, and lot of little coffee/tea places up on M street too. If it's after November 11, the Washington Harbor ice skating rink will be open right there as well. Might be a bit crowded, but the rink is great for people-watching.
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Duke's Grocery in Dupont. It's laid-back and metro accessible. From there you can walk around Dupont Circle or browse the books at Kramer's. Or head over to 14th Street for drinks.

Chaia Tacos in Georgetown has awesome vegetarian tacos and a comfortable casual atmosphere. There are plenty of Georgetown bars and the river walk nearby. It's also close to the Georgetown movie theater, if you want the traditional dinner and movie thing.

I've recommended it before, but 2 Amy's in Cleveland Park, followed by a walk around the National Cathedral grounds is also a good combo.
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Whaley's at Yards Park would be pretty good--good food and atmosphere, in a safe, walkable area, but just out-of-the-way enough to feel like a hidden gem. You'll learn a lot about someone if you share the seafood tower.
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I was actually going to suggest ANY of the new places at Yards Park (Navy Yard Metro) because it's a great little place in DC and it's still warm enough that walking and talking on the boardwalk on the river is pretty nice.

I don't know the price point at Whaley's. The other places in the area - Morini, Agua 301 and Due South are a little more spendy but quite nice. Kruba Thai (across the street from Due South) has good food and is never, ever crowded.
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