Nor-cal diebetic need raspberry but no seeds
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Where to buy seedless Low- or No-sugar raspberry preserves? Or to put it the other way, where can I buy Sugar-Free Raspberry preserves that are seedless?

Looking for an over-the-counter source in the Bay Area or Sacramento. Cursory internet searches indicate Wal-Mart as a possibility, but a reconnoiter there (as well as to local branches of all major supermarket chains) have been fruitless.
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If bricks and mortar fail you, Amazon's got you covered.
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I just checked to see if Polaner All-Fruit is seedless, and apparently it is! They have both a no-sugar and a grape-juice-containing version.

I have made tarts or something out of the No-Sugar and it's great, and of course the All-Fruit is good because it's basically regular jam.

I've seen Polaner in different parts of the it in California?
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You could just de-seed the jam if you need only a smallish quantity. (like 1 jar or so)

Just put the jam in the microwave to get it nice and runny and push it through a sieve. Instant seedless jam.
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How about Smucker's Seedless Red Raspberry Preserves spread? I get it at Target, Safeway, etc.
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