voting in London on Tuesday?
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I registered to vote in Ca for an absentee ballot which has not arrived. I also only have a photocopy of my passport because I am applying for a new visa. Can I vote at the American embassy on Tuesday?
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Looks like you can use an emergency write in ballot. I wouldn't wait until Tuesday - I'd go to the consulate Monday and ask for the Voting Assistance Officer to get your emergency write in ballot.
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You can not vote at the US Embassy even if you had decided to earlier. They did accept ballots for drop-off but the deadline for that was October 12.

Your only choice now is a write-in ballot as suggested above. Here's the FVAB site where you can print one to send off yourself (scroll to the bottom)
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Agree about the FWAB ballot. Democrats Abroad has information at They also have a help desk by email, at
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