Help me find this shirt in the USA or figure out how to ship from UK
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I found the perfect Ben Sherman shirt for my boyfriend for Christmas but can't figure out how to get it to the USA from the UK...

My boyfriend adores Ben Sherman shirts and I want to give him one for Christmas. He used to shop for them at Nordstrom or at the Ben Sherman stores in the USA but then he gained a fair bit of weight and neither store seems to carry much in extended sizes (ie anything above an 2XL).

I have specifically fallen in love with this shirt, long sleeve, red and blue checkered in an 3XL.

YAY! Except...this particular store doesn't ship outside the UK. However I haven't had any luck finding a similar patterned Ben Sherman shirt from a store that DOES ship to the USA and in the right size.

Can you help me find a blue and red checkered Ben Sherman shirt in 3XL that ships to the USA? Or help me figure out how to get the shirt from Debenhams delivered to me? Like some sort of service that would go pick up the shirt and send it to me for a fee?
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I've used the forwarding service (though not to the US, not that it's really relevant) and was very happy with them.
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Check your MeFi mail :)
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I will warn you that UK sized run about two sizes smaller than US. So a 12 UK is an 8 US etc. Before you spend a ton just make sure it is actually not the equivalent of a US 1XL.
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I found a Ben Sherman site which says they ship to the US .
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(The UK/US size difference is for women's clothes -- men's are the same)
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In theory men's are the same, in practice they aren't really though. So unless this model is sold both places I'd still be leary to pay a lot of shipping.
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I have the same men's fleece sold in the US and UK, a big outdoors brand, and the UK one is much smaller, at least a size if not more. I bought both in store in their respective countries.
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I once bought a nightshirt from an Amazon partner assuming they were in the US, but the item was shipped from the UK. It took longer than usual but the shipping charges were not extraordinary.
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They do ship to the US, its a 10 pound charge. Try this link for the shipping page.
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Ugh, i just tried it and no dice. I am sorry for that post!
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