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Dinner and an election in downtown Brooklyn

My brother-in-law is suddenly going to be in NYC on election night. I want to take him out for food, drinks, and election results; however, he's staying by Borough Hall and I don't know the area. Anyone have suggestions?

Ideally, we could find a place that does casual dinner / bar food and camp out there for a couple hours. If that's not likely, I'd love to do dinner and drinks both within walking distance. Basic criteria are:
  • Vegetarian food (veggie burger or etc. is fine)
  • More than just beer to drink -- he prefers wine and tequila. (E.g. Cardiff Giant has a perfect selection, but they're a bit too far and don't have TVs.)
  • Showing the election.
  • Low Trump crowd probability.
All within walking distance of Borough Hall.

Low key preferred. We'd rather chat than holler. Maybe some appropriate tears of joy or despair 'round 9:30-10.

Bonus points for historicity! (I checked Fraunces Tavern but I don't think they're doing anything on the 8th.)
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Fawkner is a pretty good choice (though not as good as Cardiff Giant!). We had a nice meetup there once. Some vegetarian options, all right beer list and cocktails, and I think wine, and looks like they'll be showing election results.
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My classic NYC election tradition is an entire artichoke pie from Artichoke Basille's carried over to an East Village dive such as Drop Off Service (is that place still around?). But if you're desperate to stay in Downtown Brooklyn at all costs, I'd just translate that to whatever the Downton Brooklyn pie of choice and dive of choice happens to be these days.
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Fawkner is, I think, a great choice (despite missing the days when it was Ceol I must admit they did a good job).

Floyd on atlantic doesn't have a tv.

Brooklyn inn is another great neighborhood bar (with a super long history - like way befor prohibition) but again, pretty certain they don't have tv there.

Hollow nickel down atlantic towards nevins is also a decent bet.

This is my neighborhood but I'm drawing a lot of blanks because I tend to look for bars without tv most of the time.

Is this the right place to brag that I'll be seeing hamilton (finally) that night and probably wandering west to catch the overflow by the javits center?
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Grand Army bar at State and Hoyt. From the same guy that started Mile End. They brought in a TV for the debates so I imagine they'd have one on election night.

They have great oyster specials among other food and score bonus points for politically themed cocktails. Also a fireplace.
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I agree Fawkner would make a good choice, though I sometimes find it a bit noisy (maybe not on a Tuesday, though).

Another option is Building on Bond, which has solid vegetarian food, cocktails and wine, and a TV.

There's also Livingston Manor, which is a cocktail bar that has sandwiches and cheese and meat plates and stuff. Can't remember if it has a TV, but it showed the debates. It is a bit closer to Borough Hall than other places suggested in this thread (though everywhere is definitely walking distance).
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Thanks all! I'll check out Fawkner and Grand Army Bar, and maybe see if Brooklyn Inn will host a TV on the 8th.

Sara C., Drop Off Service is indeed around (at least as of this summer) and pizza in a dive bar sounds like a good vibe, but I'm looking to stay close to his hotel.
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