Help me replace my scarf
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Several weeks ago I bought a great orange cashmere scarf at Target for $25. It got stolen. Now I can't find the scarf at any of my local Target stores or on their website. Googling for orange cashmere scarves only turns up very expensive scarves. Are there any online merchants that might have this amazing scarf at such an affordable price?
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Once it's gone at Target (they have an insane markdown/clearance schedule), it's GONE - but you may want to call around to other stores in the state and see if they still have any and might ship it to you. OR talk to someone in the store where you bought yours, and see if they might be able to look up a sku/do a store transfer or something. It's worth a shot, anyway.
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Response by poster: Thanks, WCityMike, but the cheapest scarf on Froogle is $100 -- way out of my price range -- and that scarf at isn't the same one. Perhaps I should have been more specific, it was a man's scarf. Solid orange. 100% cashmere.
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Yo. This might be the closest you'll find in stock currently as it is a "limited edition". Good luck. Who would steal such a nice scarf? Awful, simply awful.
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Also, J. Crew has some very nice, affordable ($20-$30) cashmere men's scarves (scroll down). Ok, no more pretend online bargain hunting for me.
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Response by poster: Thanks, missmerrymack! You just made my 2006 a whole lot happier.
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