NYC suggestions this weekend, 10/28 and 10/30
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Spur of the moment trip to NYC this weekend and looking to make the most of it; what music/arts/culture would you recommend?

Today is probably the Frick [maybe they'll let us see the bowling alley in the basement] and tasty vegan food. (Well, every day will be tasty vegan food, hopefully.) Beyond that, what (classical/new classical music, art of any era, film especially) would you recommend? Any short-term/temporary events to catch? Am happy to travel wherever the subway will take me, within reason. Saturday's booked up but I have Sunday free until 7pm. Thanks, hivemind!
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Best answer: In the "film of any era" category, the new Metrograph theater in LES is supposed to be super cool and looks like they're doing a few different film series this weekend.
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Best answer: Here's what I want to drive up to see in the next couple weeks: Diane Arbus at Met Breuer, Immersive Cinema at the Whitney, and Take Me, I'm Yours at the Jewish Museum.
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Best answer: The Pipilotti Rist show at New Museum.
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Best answer: There's a 4K restoration of Tampopo (young Ken Watanabe!) on at the Film Forum on Sunday afternoon. It's essentially in the West Village so easy to combine with a tasty lunch or whatever.
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Response by poster: All thoughtful, appealing suggestions; thank you! Looks to be a great trip.
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