Verizon Health Benefits?
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My current employer is being acquired by Verizon. I am what would typically be considered a "management" employee (non union). My current employer does not provide opposite sex domestic partner health benefits and there has yet to be any formal contact with Verizon's HR department to obtain the answer from there. Before extending my girlfriends current private health insurance coverage I'm interested to know if anyone has any experience with Verizon's current healthcare benefits and if the benefits package extends to domestic partners, opposite sex primarilly, but also same sex as a matter of curiosity.
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No first hand info, but the first Google result indicates that they do offer it. So it might be a good idea to hold off on renewing her private insurance until you get an official answer.

Also, even if dozens of Verizon employees weigh in here saying you'll have the coverage, I would still make sure to get an official answer from a Verizon benefits representative.
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Thanks! Oddly enough I didn't hit it with google, must have used different search string. We will be waiting for the official word of course but was curious.
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We don't have any certification of being domestic partners. The closest would be our mutual powers of attorney.

A little more background: We live/work in San Francisco, my employer was acquired my late last year by MCI, dropping the opposite sex domestic partner benefits available to her (MCI only provides domestic partner benefits to same sex couples), so we went with a private healthcare solution.

The benefits package available via Verizon will hopefully provide the coverage we're looking for, what we have seen indicates that their benefits package is more generous.
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As I understand it, you usually prove domestic partnership for insurance with a utility bill or lease showing you've been living together a while (generally a year).
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All current MCI employees will be on MCI benefit plans for 2006. You won't get Verizon benefits until 2007 at the earliest.
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