Where to find latest ATI drivers?
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ATI's drivers webpage is down today (probably because of the new World of Warcraft 1.9 patch)... does anybody know where I can find the latest ATI 5.13 drivers WITHOUT Catalyst Control Center (I think it's bloated crap heh)?
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Guru3d has a good archive, but I can't help you with 5.13 without the horrible .NET control center. I finally gave up and installed the damn thing.
posted by Nelson at 1:49 PM on January 3, 2006

Response by poster: It's annoying... you'd think companies would have mirrors by now to deal with single point outages. Anyways, I can't use the Catalyst center, 'cause it takes up way too much RAM and takes over a minute to load whenever I want to load the display control panel. Thanks anyways though Nelson... anybody else please?
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Don't know where you can find it, but if your goal is simply to not install it, then you can run a Custom Install and uncheck the Catalyst Control Crap.
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Another option is to go ahead and install it - but then run msconfig and uncheck it on the Startup tab. That way you can still have it available to run, but it won't loaded all the time wasting 40+ megs of RAM for no good reason.
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You might want to give Omega Drivers a try. I've been using them for a while now with no problems.
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I second Omega Drivers. They've been really useful in getting CoH/CoV to work on my PC.
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