WWQCW? (What Would Quentin Crisp Wear?)
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I'm looking for lavender undershirts and socks but searches so far have turned up mostly chaff. Do you have any recommendations?

For undershirts, I'm interested in men's/unisex styled singlet/tank top style shirts and short-sleeved undershirts (preferably v-neck), to fit men's small/women's medium.

For socks I'm open to a fairly wide range of heights. Shoe size is women's US10/Euro41. Patterns are fine, as long as lavender or purple is dominant.

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We Love Colour can do you socks in any colour you like.

Not sure about shirts, but if you can find white cotton you like, dying with an appropriate colour will take an afternoon at most. You can even use vegetable dyes, like purple cabbage.
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Calvin Klein has a line of +- 90% cotton mens dress socks which are not only very comfortable to wear, but also come in a wide variety of fashion colors (that change periodically, so I'm not sure if purple or lavender are available right now, but there would most likely be something in that part of the spectrum). Check out the line in department stores that carry CK undergarments.
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Sock Option 1
Sock Option 2
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