Remove stain caused by the stain remover
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Sprayed my couch with Nature's Miracle -- it caused a bigger stain! How can I remove it?

A week ago I sprayed my couch with Nature's Miracle stain remover. There is now a big spot on the couch cushion that looks darker than the rest of the couch, as though it never dried, but it's not wet at all. Have I ruined our expensive couch?! How can I get this new stain out? Thanks.
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Hmm. The site has a few people with complaints about it and a lot of answers re.: (1) did you let it fully dry? and (2) we'll refund your money if it doesn't work.

The site says: "Allow the product to air dry. Depending on air circulation, carpets and upholstery may take up to 2 weeks to dry completely."

If it does persist -- do you know anybody with one of those "Bissell Little Green" portable rug/upholstery stain removers? I'd have a go at it with a good de-greasing dish soap (first testing in an inconspicuous spot) and then use a rug/upholstery cleaner to finish the job. Or, since it's a cushion, can it not be tossed in the wash?
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Had this same problem with the same product. A steam cleaner got it clean again, one of the ones on rental from the supermarket. We used the heavily soiled soap/water mixture (double soap).

Worked great, residual stain was removed.
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I'm favoriting this question for future reference, but also want to add that I have successfully used Nature's Miracle to clean cat vomit from my light gray couch multiple times. I do have an easy-care microfiber fabric, though.
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