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NBC's Timeless - Is the music from the trailer an actual Song?

I am loving the music un this "trailer" / "Commercial". IS it actual a song by a band on an album somewhere?

Some lyrics I can make out:

Groundbreaking change is taking place.

The time has come.

This is a new dawn.
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To me, the style implies that this is a recent pop song, though I can't identify anything specific. Google finds no results for those lyrics when placed in quotes, however, which indicates that the song is either extremely obscure or not in wide release. (And when I say no results, I don't mean bad signal to noise ratio, I mean zero hits besides this question.)

It's very possible that this is the show's theme song. We'll probably know a lot more after it premieres. Most likely, if it is the theme song, it'll be released for purchase in some capacity.

If it's not the theme of the show, wow is this one super un-heard of song.

(As a side note, if this is Pepsi Blue, damn, you got me, this show which previously was not on my radar is now a thing I will probably actually watch.)
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Best answer: The song is “Go Beyond” by Tim Myers. It’s a promo song, licensed through Zync Music, and it’s been in a bunch of trailers.
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