What's my job title?
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I've worked in an evolving role for a growing company for more than a decade. I've learnt a lot of skills along the way but my degree is not in any of these skill areas. My job title is a bit of an odd one that doesn't really describe what I do and is rather misleading. If I wanted to get a new job, what are some job titles I should be searching for that fit my experience?

I lead a small team in a business consultancy. We help colleagues and clients create collateral such as presentations, reports, marketing materials. I have a wide knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office. I wouldn't class myself as a 'pure' graphic designer because I don't think I'm good enough at things like making a logo from scratch. But I can put together a nice document using InDesign, or a great looking PowerPoint, and use Photoshop to create visualisations. I can edit video with Premiere Pro, do a bit of After Effects. I have a good overall knowledge of how to create stuff and what to use. But I'm a bit of a jack of all trades. This is useful when heading a team as I know who will be best at what and what the most efficient way is of doing things etc. I'm also good at talking to technical people eg web developers, and understanding what they need. So I have a lot of wide ranging experience but I don't feel I could call myself for example 'Senior Designer' because I don't have that classically taught design skill. Any ideas?
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Communications consultant/designer?
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Desktop publisher or content designer?
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Director of Communications
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Best answer: I think it depends on what you'd want to focus on in the new role. I doesn't sound to me like you want (?) to be a pure designer, but your skills at management would make you right for:

Project Manager - For a design/marketing/ad agency or in house - Your knowledge of the tools involved would make you a desirable candidate. And it sounds you're skilled at managing teams and systems.
Marketing Communications Specialist/Manager
Communications Specialist/Manager

If you do like the more design-y side of things more than the management side, you could look into:
Production Artist - More of a technical, workman-like focus than a designer. Less "create a logo from scratch" design. More, rollout this existing design to a bunch of applications. Or, assist the designer with prepping files for press/release to developer.
Presentation Designer - A real, growing, lucrative need in the industry. Your knowledge of PowerPoint + AE + Premiere would be great for this.
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You're a content producer.
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I would probably say content designer, although that means writing/editing skills as well to some people. In fact, any job title related to 'content' is worth looking at to see if they are looking for the skills you have.
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I'd call you a content producer or communications manager. I'm in the UK.
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