Fast internet in Russia?
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I'm moving to Russia, and I'm looking for fast internet -

I'll be in Russia for six months to a year, staying largely in Obninsk, teaching English at a private school. Obninsk is 102km SW of Moscow.

I'm retaining some employment in the US, conditional on getting fast internet for VOIP, and uploading large files. So far, it's been really hard to find good, up-to-date info on the options available to me. I found a few different ISP's, but most seem to be selling dial-up. I also found MaxNet but it seems terribly expensive, at least if I'm understanding the page correctly.

Is 100$ (give or take 50) unrealistic? Any personal experience?
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In Obninsk? GOOD LUCK. I would expect to pay much more. You're going to have to get a business-grade internet connection to get any speed. I used to work for an NGO that had an office there and we (in the early 2000s) paid $600/month for DSL speeds.

Maybe it's improved. Have you spoken to any of the other teachers?
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Have you spoken to any of the other teachers?

Unfortunately there are no other American/Foreign TA's there at the moment and it's been slow communicating with the school. I've got some contacts in Obninsk who are looking for me, but they've been slow to get back, too.

Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely interested in hearing more anecdotes, if anyone has any.
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FYI, you can now get 2gb/month of high-speed 'net here for about 120$.

Moscow has unlimited plans, as does St. Petersburg. Setup times are horrendous though.
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