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I remember reading about contemporary avant-garde Chinese artist(s) who use grafts from their own skin in their artworks, also incorporating their own blood and, I believe, "unclaimed body" parts. Does anyone know the artists or the name of that movement? Thanks.
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Not Chinese, but it wasnt this guy was it?
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I don't know the answer to your question, but that McMansionesque staple of bible belt America, Thomas Kinkade, uses signatures that are inscribed with his own DNA through small samples of blood and hair (reference and another reference).
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It could have been in one of the following books: Transience: Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth Century by Wu, Hung or China Avant-Garde: Counter-Currents in Art and Culture by Noth, Jochen, Wolfger Pohlmann, and Kai Reschke.
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Here's a short report on Xiao Yu's fetus/bird thingy ("Ruan", 1999).

Not as recently, artist Zhu Yu apparently "bit into the head of a stillborn baby", featured in a BBC documentary. The best part? He's a Christian! (Protestant, that is.) I've seen this kind of art elsewhere referred to as "xingwei yishu", translated to "behavior art"; this may be Zhu Yu's own term.
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Oops I meant "More recently". And I should mention that most say Zhu Yu's piece was "concpetual", that is, faked. Here's another piece on Xiao Yu. These may have little to do with your question actually :-) but FYI.
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