Anything good-quality on Shoedazzle?
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I signed up for Shoedazzle VIP membership quite a few months ago in order to get a free pair of shoes, and through a combination of forgetfulness and laziness I left my membership active for much longer than I would have liked, so now I've accumulated quite a bit of shoe credit. Yes, I'm dumb.

My one experience with actually buying a pair of shoes from the site was not good -- the shoes were uncomfortable, cheap-feeling, and didn't look as good as the picture. I want to see if I can salvage any of this money I've thrown at the site by redeeming it for any shoe that's not a piece of crap.

Has anyone liked any particular shoe they've ordered from Shoedazzle? I'm open to any style, the only thing I don't generally wear is super high heels.
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I haven't ordered from them, but I just took a look at their selection.

In my experience with shitty low-quality shoes, I would buy minimalist flat sandals, since no one expects those to last very long and the heel height won't kill you. Maybe a pair of basic flat knee-high boots (black), since the fact that they're fake leather means you can wear them in the rain without worrying. Also, trendy flats or pumps, just because they're fun and you can wear the trend for awhile without spending any money you'll regret. (Cheap pumps may kill your feet, though. At the very least, get some inserts.)
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Also, maybe clothing or handbags would be a better bet?
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I've done the exact same thing with Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab. I've been pretty happy with my purchases from them. Except for the heels but that's because I keep trying to convince my feet to like heels and they're just like nuh uh.

Since the money is already spent I would get a something black and basic. Like this. I had a similar pair that I wore the hell out of.

Or you could choose a basic bag. It's roomy and comes in a variety of colors. One thing I've noticed with these bags is that they don't have a lot of compartments which I prefer to have.

Like I said I've been in this predicament a bunch of times and recently got this jacket. The fit is good and I'm really looking forward to wearing it.

Actually thanks for posting this. I'm going to log into my account to make sure I've cancelled my account. Again.
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I notice newish and unworn cheap trendy shoes tend to fly off as impulse purchases, for surprisingly high prices for crappy shoes, on local Facebook buy-and-sell groups. (I think there are a lot of people with buyer's remorse with these chintzy shoe-of-the-month etc things.) I would buy popular fall/winter styles in popular sizes, and sell them to try to cut my losses.
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