A little gift delivery in Portland, OR?
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My sister just started her first proper full time job after grad school and I know she is finding it stressful / overwhelming. I'd love to send her something to say I'm thinking of her and that she's doing a great job. Any Portland based MeFites have ideas of local shops that will deliver a little treat?

I was thinking either some cookies/muffins or maybe a gift certificate for a cool salon to get a manicure or something like that. But I'm open to suggestions! She has lived in Portland for a few years and loves the city and to "shop local" and keep Portland weird and all that. So I know she would appreciate something from a cool indie establishment rather than generic flowers or whatever.

I'd prefer something that can be delivered through the regular mail or left in her building lobby since she's working full time. Also, no donuts - she worked at Blue Star throughout school so would probably be happy to never see another donut again...

Thanks in advance for the recommendations!
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I'd prefer something that can be delivered through the regular mail or left in her building lobby since she's working full time.

I have no Portland-specific recs, but unless she works someplace super stuffy and formal, getting a fun treat sent to your office that can be shared with folks is a great way to settle in and humanize yourself to new coworkers. It's hard not to like someone who says "my sister just sent me a bunch of cookies, would you like one?" So that would be my personal suggestion.

And maybe it's not Portland stuff! Maybe it's a little care package you put together of stuff that's local to where you live. That can also be a lot of fun.
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Best answer: Congrats to your sister!

Alma Chocolate is awesome or a gift certificate to Finger Bang for a manicure.
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I'm finding mixed information about availability, but a gift card at the Portland Mercado would be a good option. If that doesn't play out, I've had great luck buying gift certificates for Portland restaurants in absentia.
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I ordered delicious cookies as a gift from Le Cookie Monkey in Portland, and they were lovely and incredibly tasty. They also delivered them right at the specified time.
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I would be happy to deliver a gift to her if you need me to. I live in outer SE Portland, but don't mind driving wherever.

tacodave@hotmail.com if you need me.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, great suggestions! I went with a gift certificate to Finger Bang because I figured I could email it to her now and she could get her nails done this weekend, but I've bookmarked the rest as options for her birthday in October.
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