How do I get my Facebook location/places/check-in history?
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How can I get a list of the places I've checked in to on Facebook?

Because I have a poor memory, I tend to "check in" to places I visit on Facebook. I've been doing this for a few years and now I'd like to have a summary of the places I've been.

However, it doesn't seem that Facebook makes this very easy. There *is* a "Check-ins" page on my profile page, but this just shows the location (and how many times I've checked in there), but I'd like something a little more detailed.

Preferably, I'd like to be able to get a list of all the places I've checked in to (including name and location) with dates and times (preferably in chronological or reverse chronological order). The text of the message/post (if any) would be really great, too, if possible.

It looks like there used to be websites and apps that offered this ability, but none of them seem to work any longer. I've also played around with the Facebook Graph API Explorer, but can't seem to get the data out of that that I'm looking for (though this looks like the best method, I'm just not super savvy at using it).

If anybody knows a way of accomplishing some or all of the above, it would be greatly appreciated.
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If it's accessible it'll probably be in your activity log. On a quick glance I don't see a filter there for check ins. There is location history, but that doesn't seem to be it.
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I'm not sure how far it goes back, but you can just type check-ins written by me in the search box and it gives you a list. I'm not sure its all of them though.
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I appreciate the replies, but unfortunately neither really accomplishes what I'm hoping to achieve. I will be sure to update if I find a good solution for future reference for anybody else looking for such a thing.
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