Will my new couch stop crinkling?
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I bought this couch a month or two ago and it just arrived today. I love it! But! It makes a crinkling noise when I sit on it that's not tolerable, sort of like you're sitting on an empty potato chip bag. Will this stop?

I opened up the cushions and the filling (which is a down blend thing) is inside a sort of Tyvek-like wrapper, hard to explain but it's plasticky and I don't know what it is. I presume this is supposed to keep the feathers from poking through. I called the furniture people and they couldn't/didn't tell me what the stuff was and were generally unhelpful (and actually rude, lecturing me on what the couch was filled with and generally reading me the spec sheet to me and not answering my question). The floor model did not do this crinkling thing which makes me hopeful, but they couldn't tell me with confidence that it was made of the same stuff as my couch. I asked a question on the Q&A part of the site which then told me to wait 3-5 days for an answer.

Has this happened to you? Did the couch get quieter? This was a pricey couch so if the answer is "No." I'll be sending it back but if the answer is "Yes." I'm otherwise in love with it. Thanks.
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I didn't have this particular problem, but think about a tyvek mailer your might have reused several times. It gets very soft after a good number of uses. I hope someone can weigh in on the issue of this particular couch.

You may also have some success with a fabric softener + water spray solution.

(It's a very pretty couch)
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I haven't experienced this, but perhaps go to the showroom and open up a cushion to see if it has similar stuff? If it softened there, I would bet it would soften for you too.
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If the showroom couch has the same wrapper thing and it doesn't crinkle when sat upon, I think the sensible thing to do at home is to throw a couch party where your guests sit/lounge/possibly jump on the couch to reduce the amount of time it takes to make the stuff soft enough that it doesn't crinkle.

You'll need as many people as it takes to fill up the couch without any gaps. Although perhaps small animals could fill gaps between people.

The science is legit.
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