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This is a long shot, but... I'm looking for a specific publication comparing infant (0-6 months) formula brands available in Australia. A nurse showed it to us at our last visit to the Queensland Health Child Health Service but unfortunately I didn't get a good look at it because I was nursing, and my husband can't remember what it was called or who published it.

The publication was a booklet with a table of all the brands of infant formula available here in Australia, their composition (casein, whey, soy, etc.), macronutrient (carbs/lipids/proteins) & energy (kJ) levels, and things like how much lactose is in each.

The closest thing I can find so far is this Tasmanian publication but it only lists composition, and not macronutrient or energy profiles.

Do any of my fellow Queensland mefites know what this publication is called and who publishes it?
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Phone the service and ask them? I'm in the UK and have seen several UK versions but they are often published by the formula companies and therefore focus on whatever makes the publishing brand seem "better".

If you are in nursing difficulties just now and need to choose one to feed please be assured that they are all safe and adequate, and you can use one now and switch if/when you find information that makes you want to.
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we went with formula last year and were told by our pediatrician that the only real difference between infant formulas is "milk or soy". they are heavily regulated and required to have certain amounts of things (at least here in the u.s.).

that of course doesn't work well for formula marketing strategies so they spend a ton of money to convince you that their formula is the best... they give free stuff to hospitals to give to new mothers to get them 'hooked' on a brand. they make pamplets that make mountains out of minor differences that do not really affect the nutritional value to your baby. it's all the equivalent of "now with stain-rid technology!" on your laundry detergent.
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