With dual monitor setup, any way to swap between what are being shown?
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With a dual monitor setup (A and B), is there a way to quickly switching what are being displayed on screens (to B and A).

Currently, I have my display set as extend view with one monitor in front of me showing my work related shortcuts and files and the other one on the side for entertainment like games and music. I would like to know if there is a shortcut or way to quickly switch between the two. Thanks!
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Best answer: DisplayFusion should have you covered, on Windows at least.

Set 2 display profiles (One for A-B, one for B-A),
set keyboard shortcut for swapping between the two
(Or worst-case two shortcuts, one for swapping to 1, one for swapping to 2),
and Bob's your uncle.
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You likely want a tiling manager, like the one CrystalDave suggests. An alternative, in Windows, is to press the Windows Key + right or left arrow keys a few times.

The first time you press it, it will snap the window to that half of the same monitor.
The second time will snap the window to the adjacent half of the 2nd monitor.
The third time should restore the window to the original size in the 3rd monitor.
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Best answer: Shift+Windows key+Left/Right will move a window to the other monitor without the snapping.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! DisplayFusion is doing what I needed the most and would be great if the opened apps and window can be switched as well. So far, I am also applying the shortcuts learned from you guys to do the other half of the job and I am pretty happy with it. Thanks again!
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