Cleaner in Longmont, CO
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House-cleaners in Longmont, CO?

I'm on the East Coast. A very dear friend in the suburbs of Boulder (Longmont) has a stressful, terrible family emergency, and with his permission, I'd like to help him out by arranging and paying for a reputable, safe, and dependable cleaner to go over this week in the morning and spend a couple hours tidying his 1B apartment.

Taskrabbit doesn't send people out to Longmont. I've seen this, but it's seven years old.

If the cleaners are LGBTQ friendly, that would be an awesome.
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If not here, you might try calling local restaurants, or people with home businesses (like hairdressers), and ask who does theirs. My neighbor who is an awesome hairdresser knew someone great, for just about any task.
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks. I'm still looking after calling pretty much everyone on the front page of Yelp.

Nextdoor apparently won't let you join if the address you submit is the address that appears in any way on a sex offender registry, even if it's a totally other apartment in the complex. Their page says that you can e-mail to get approved but ?????

(As a side note, I ended up trying the seven year old link. I ended up talking to Mary Lou, who couldn't do it, but is still in the cleaning business and sounds super-nice. I also told her about Ask Metafilter, since she asked where I'd found her number!)
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Response by poster: For anybody who stumbles on this page afterwards, I ended up with Magic Maids Cleaning Service, who didn't have availability quite as soon as I was hoping for, but were awesome in every other way. Heather and Amy did a great job, and were really communicative and friendly. My friend is thrilled.

(303) 444-6243
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