Recover my address book?
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OhNoesFilter: Is it possible to recover the address book that was lost in an ill-fated sync attempt between my Mac and my Motorola phone?

iBook running Tiger and a Motorola RAZR w/ Bluetooth. My first sync started to hang and I ended up restarting the computer. I didn't think to check the phone or address book when I restarted. I must've sync'd an empty address book to the phone or vice versa. Anyone have ideas about a possible recovery? I assume this is more likely on the Mac than the phone, but either way would be excellent. And while I recently backed up my music on an external HDD, I didn't get around to backing up the rest of my data.
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Assuming you are using iSync...

iSync is supposed to keep copies of your address book after performing a sync. Check the "Devices" menu in iSync for "rever to last sync". This page from Apple has some information; also check the help in iSync.
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You might find it under...

HD/~user/library/Application support/Address book

There are quite a bit of other items that are backup items there.
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