Matagalpa to Granada (Nicaragua)
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Bus, taxi or private shuttle?

We are going to be traveling in Nicaragua next month. One leg of our journey will be from Matagalpa to Granada. We are hoping to make this an easy travel day but none of the options seem to work too well.

These are the possibilities that we are considering:
Bus: We checked several different bus routes but all the options we found involve 3 or 4 transfers with brief layovers in unfamiliar places where we don't speak the language well.

Cab: Traveling in a cab in Nicaragua seems dangerous and expensive ( and maybe not even available )

Private shuttle: This is a possibility but we are uneasy about making advance arrangements for a shuttle w/o any references.

Welcome any ideas on the best way to do this (any recommendations for private shuttle would be great also)
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If you're staying in a hotel, or even a hostel, ask them to book a private shuttle or car service for you. They'll be able to schedule something for you for sure. If you call ahead, they can usually get you a better price.
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