Concerta at 0 degrees C for 24 hours. Still ok?
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Our refrigerator froze, and a bottle of Concerta extended-release pills spent between 12 and 24 hour at a temperature between 1 and 0 degrees C. Are they still okay after only 1 day frozen-ish? Or do we need to toss them and buy a new batch?
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I'd call the pharmacy and ask them.
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Response by poster: Clarification - unfortunately, we live in a country where 'ask your pharmacist' is not an option.
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Best answer: The pharmacist would look up the package insert to help answer your question.

The PI for Concerta ER says that the drug should be stored under 25 degrees C. Doesn't mention any problems with freezing. The drug is a powder contained inside a plastic time release capsule (I'm not a pharmacist, my son uses this drug).

In my opinion, freezing the pill is harmless.
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Best answer: That said, now that I think about it, the drug and time-release capsule are sensitive to moisture.

So if/when you bring the capsules back to ambient temperature, keep them dry and watch for any condensation on the pills or the jar. More so if you live in a humid area. A silica gel dessicant packet could work, or perhaps a dry container of rice as a makeshift dessicant.
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Best answer: The company that manufactures the drug has almost certainly not performed studies of the efficacy of the drug under those conditions. Outside of a handful of exceptions, the drug was tested for stability at 2-6C and/or 15-30C. That's the industry standard. It's a crapshoot. No one will be able to definitely tell you whether those storage conditions are affected at those temperatures. If there is any information about it at all, it would be captured on the insert/outsert.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your answers! The insert doesn't say anything except below 25 C. The bottles is sealed - with dessicant packets inside. Today's humdity is 22%. The bottle has come back to room temperature. Should I wait a day before opening? Or do it now?

There were a few other pills in blister packs in the fridge - THOSE I am going to replace this afternoon.
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If it's back at ambient temperature, AND the bottle was sealed with desiccant inside then you're pretty much good to go. 22% humidity is also very very low, you have nothing to worry about.
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