howto cover crack in wall
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Help me cover up a crack in the living room wall.

We just moved in to a new house and while the house is nice and all, there's this crack in the wall. It stretches from 3/4 of the height of the wall to one side, and meanders its way to the floor, and is roughly the hypoteneuse of an imaginary triangle. Please suggest creative or clever ways to cover this crack.
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Hmmm... How wide is this crack? Large cracks can be a sign that the foundation is settling or the walls are bowing out (if there are too many layers of roofing, for example). Before covering the crack, make sure it's not an indication of bigger problems.

If it's just a hairline crack, a little spackle and a touch-up with paint should do the job.
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It's slightly bigger than a hairline crack, but not a large crack. I'd rather not go into painting if I can avoid it.
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If you're certain there's no structural damage (see post above about foundation/walls issue) ... and assuming the substructure is something more interesting than bare studs (brick? stone?) you could artfully make the crack bigger and expose the substructure. Make it look all urban and cool and shit.
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What's the composition of the wall? If it's drywall, it's pretty easy to remove the damaged section(s) and put up new drywall.
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Hang a tapestry over it. Or a velvet Elvis.
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mathowie asked a similar question last year.
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When you say "new house" do you mean newly-built? If so, get the builder to fix it. New (newly-built) houses usually have a warranty to cover this sort of thing. Do try to find the cause, even though some settling and stress-relieving is normal in a new house.

If it's not newly-built, do still find the cause. If it's an old house but is still settling, bad news is possible.
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No, it's a rented house, which is why I'd rather not do major alterations. I reckon it's just a crack in the plaster and the wall itself.
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Go to your local paint store and tell them your problem. They will hand you the business cards of a couple of handyman types. Call a couple of them and get estimates. It should be pretty cheap; I had a whole housefull of cracks done for about $50. They'll take care of the entire thing and paint over it, too, if you have the original paint. You'll never be able to tell that anything was done.
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