What beach on Tomales Bay should we kayak camp at?
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Yay, the wife has scored a kayak camping permit for Tomales Bay, California a couple weekends from now. We've paddled in TB a few times (including the highly recommended bioluminescence tour), but never camped overnight. The permit isn't tied to any one site, and apparently they're first come first serve. Can anyone here recommend a beach that they particularly enjoyed camping at?
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Heart's Desire Beach?
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Response by poster: Thanks, that is a nice beach, if a bit crowded on sunny weekends. For future reference, camping is not permitted at Heart's Desire Beach.
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Not an answer to the question, but if you make a fire out of driftwood, take care that there's no poison oak on it. Speaking from personal Tomales Bay kayak camping experience.
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Best answer: Chicken Ranch Beach is a lovely beach that allows camping. I have visited but never camped there myself. I don't know why you couldn't kayak up to Lawson's Landing and camp there, but I'd call them at (707) 878-2443 or check their web site to be sure.
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