Does anybody know of comfortable hiking shoes with any ASTM rating?
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I'm looking for hiking-style shoes (not boots) that meet an ASTM standard of any kind. Ideally these would be waterproof hiking shoes with slip or puncture resistance ASTM classifications, but I'll take anything that is a hiking shoe with any kind of ASTM standard.

Searching google, shoe websites, and AskMe has not yielded promising results, or perhaps my searching technique is inadequate. Work will reimburse me (or pay for) safety shoes, but they have to meet an ASTM shoe standard. It doesn't matter which, but I would prefer slip or puncture resistance. Before you suggest boots, I already have steel-toed boots and used them for years. I would rather have something in the style of hiking shoes, preferably waterproof. Boots, no matter how comfortable, make my feet more clumsy (undesirable) and hurt after enough hours on my feet, so I'm looking to try something different. I don't need toe protection, a shank, or coverage past my ankles. The brands I've used before don't seem to carry what I'm looking for.

For added difficulty, I'm neither a large person, nor do I have large feet; I'm a men's size 7.5 to 8.5 (depending). For bonus points, I'd love to find this in an actual store in the Portland, OR area so I can try them on first. Everything I've found on the internet seems to be no-name brands and/or terrible quality/comfort. Maybe I'm looking for a unicorn that doesn't exist. But if anybody's heard of something that fits the bill, I'd very much appreciate some tips/brands to look at it/lived experiences.
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Zappos has a filter for ASTM.

These Keens have a steel toe but are also slip-resistant and have the look of hiking shoes. Since Keen is local, you could probably find some in Portland to try.

This pair of Keens might be better.

They also have Pumas, New Balance, and Skechers, and some skateboard-type shoes.
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I've climbed mountains in these Keens, which are ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 I/75 C/75, which certainly means something to someone.
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If you wanted something more on the trail shoe side of things, this Keen Durham ESD fits the bill. I love my Keen boots. So I'm with all the folks upthread here.
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Have a look at Irish Setter's Two Harbors range
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Danner has ASTM boots. Some are low/sporty enough that you might call them "shoes"

Look at the Vicious and Corvallis series.

(And they have a store in Portland!)
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