Best way to bulk order cans of wet cat food?
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Hello. I am interested in bulk ordering wet cans of cat food, and specifically Friskies brand pate flavors, and I am wondering if you all know the cheapest way to accomplish this.

At our local grocery store, the cans go for 50 cents a piece. This seems on par or cheaper than our local Petco, pet supply stores, etc., and similar to what I remember from living in other parts of the country. On Amazon, Target, the Friskies website, etc., buying the bulk packs (24 or 48 cans) seems to trim off only a dollar or so. I suppose it could be that the grocery store has a low profit margin on cat food, but they must be getting their product from somewhere, right? Ideally I am talking about ordering like hundreds of cans at a time to save money.

I'm familiar with Amazon's subscribe and save program, and happy to try it if that seems like the cheapest way. Thanks everyone!
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Costco sells a (48 can?) variety pack case of these flavors. I can't remember off the top of my head what it costs, but we are making a run to costco this weekend so I can check.
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Pet Food Direct has discounts if you set up autoship. They also have frequent sales; I've used those to stock up at a discount. I don't know that it is ALL that much cheaper than our local store but it's nice having it shipped. Worth checking out for your brand.
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Best answer: The big 13-ounce soup cans are often (but not always) a better deal, ounce for ounce. Have a few can lids on hand for leftovers.
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I dont know the answer to your question, but it might be worth asking a local high-volume cat rescue organization, because chances are they order their food in bulk and need the best price possible. They may be willing to let you know their supplier?
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Best answer: Chewy? I signed up mostly to take advantage of their generous new user discount but it seems like a good model and pricing is competitive.
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I use, who offer discounts if you set up a recurring “AutoShip”.
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Yeah check they are really lovely in general. Autoship is great and has discounts etc.
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My aunt is able to order flats of products she uses directly from the local grocery store itself - she pays upfront and they add it to their order. You might want to try asking the store manager, or see if they have any hints.
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Sconding wag and that the dog food size cans are a way better deal almost always. You're basically paying for the metal in the can. Just have to be willing to store in fridge and put lid on cat food tin.
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Another vote for Chewy. Super nice, reasonable, have what you need for <$.50/can. They send hand-written birthday cards too!
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I too use Chewy. I've used Wag in the past, too. One is sometimes cheaper than the other, but they're basically the same.

(Chewy either gets massive extra points for the handwritten cards or loses points for the fact all their employees must have a quota of cards to write. It's the only way they could get it done.)
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If you are interested at all in couponing, I've gotten Friskies canned food for as low as 35 cents/can through the use of coupons. You have to wait for the coupons to come around though.
posted by Toddles at 9:58 PM on August 11, 2016 has been doing a great job for us. The canned catfood from Amazon kept showing up badly packed with lots of dented and leaking cans. Chewy does a much better job of packing.
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The price at my costco for the 48 can pack of friskies is $21.49
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So based on this thread I tried Chewy after a couple of really damaged shipments from Pet Food Direct, and I'm now a convert. Cheaper, much faster shipping, and much better packaged. Thanks for the recs!
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