Solo Getaway, Pregnant Introvert Style
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I am due with my first child in mid-January (yay!) and looking for a relaxing, secluded-but-not-isolated weekend retreat in early November. Details inside.

I'm very excited about my pregnancy and having a child, but as an introvert I'm also already a bit anxious about the pending loss of alone time. I'd like to have one last solo getaway before my final weeks of pregnancy, and early November looks like the best timeframe between work and other trips. I will be ~30 weeks pregnant at this time.

We live in Seattle and I'd prefer somewhere no more than 3-4 hours driving distance from home. Husband and I are taking a 10-day trip around Vancouver Island in September, so that's out of the running.

I've looked into a couple yoga and writing retreats, but I think what I'm really looking for is just a quiet, peaceful, beautiful getaway spot where I have the option to do yoga or write on my own if I feel like it, but I can also just take a walk or a bath or sit with a cup of tea and a book and not interact with anyone unless I want to. Budget is flexible and I'm willing to splurge. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Have you been to the Salish Lodge? We visited Seattle this spring, and spent a night there. The area was beautiful, the rooms were nice (jacuzzi tub! pillow menu!), and it seems like it would be a lovely place to relax and have tea. I am not sure how quiet/secluded it is that time of year.
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Sleeping Lady (near Leavenworth) is pretty nice.
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How about the San Juan Islands or Anacortes?
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Seconding the San Juan Islands. We went for a few days in 2013 and it remains one of my favourite vacations ever. Have some pastries from the bakery in town and just poke around.
Or just stare at the view.
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Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island is also nice!
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I liked Sacred Groves on Bainbridge. Hippie-ish, quiet, lovely place. It was a while ago so make sure to call to get up-to-date info.
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We loved Friday Harbor on San Juan Island so much: the views are spectacular, the town is charming and low-key with a few eateries and B&Bs. (We're also introverts).

A great place to unplug, unwind, and watch the sunset.

And the San Juans are not at all similar to Vancouver Island, which is large & full of tourists & Things To Do, so no need to worry that the two vacations are similar.

We didn't make it out to Lopez Island, but I hear that's even quieter than San Juan Island.
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