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I am sick of the high street stores, they are boring me to tears. I'm not affluent enough to buy designer. So where should I shop online? Examples below the fold of the type of thing I'm looking for but alas, most of them are only based in the US.

I really like what these stores have but they are only US:
Style Mafia
Genuine People
W Concept

I am aware of Finery. They are along the lines of what I am seeking but who else is there? I would also love to hear of multi-brand retailers that have a nice curation of new, less known brands.

Online shopping is definitely preferred, but if you know of a boutique in London that I simply must check out, I'm open for suggestions! European online stores also ok as long as the website supports English.
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This might be a stupid question but do you ever use asos? I think they have a great range of small brands and high street, a wide price range, and their site and app are really user-friendly.
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Asos is cheap high street and they basically carry the brands I am trying to avoid. I guess I should include what I am not looking for: Any store that can be found around Oxford Circus (TopShop, Zara, Oasis, etc), Asos or similar cheap fast fashion (ie Missguided, Boohoo) Net A Porter/MatchesFashion/Farfetch/Selfridges (too expensive, only carry luxury labels).
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Have you tried Uniqlo? While their website generally showcases their more generic stuff, I've found them to be a surprisingly good source of more original clothes as well. My absolute favorite office and casual dresses are from them, and their jeans are above reproach, especially at their prices. Quality is very good – I have dresses and trousers from them that are going on two years now, worn and washed regularly, and don't show their age.

You do have to go to the store and look around about once every month or two to catch the more original things, but it's usually worth it. Also I very much appreciate that they support ethical clothes manufacturing.
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Have you looked at COS? On the designer front, The Outnet has good bargains to be had.
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Winser London. John Lewis carries them too, but only online.
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Seconding COS.

If you like dresses as much as I do, you might like The Pretty Dress Company, which is UK-based.
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Genuine People does seem to ship to the UK:

Standard Shipping - $7.95 - $10.95 - Estimate Delivery Time is 7-12 Business Days"

On the minimalist end, Oak + Fort ships internationally.

UK-based GoodHood or Toast?
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I feel like there are a number of shops around Shoreditch that might appeal to you. All Saints springs to mind. Moreover, looking at the links you provided, I just feel like I have seen these styles in shops around Shoreditch.

Also wanted to throw a vote behind COS.
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Two I like are You Must Create (physical store in Brick Lane), and Plumo. I find both rather expensive, but worth looking at sales time.
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Seconding strolling around Shoreditch and Hoxton. Diverse (formerly Upper Street, now Tufnell Park) used to have small designers, though looking at their website now this might have changed (however, the shopping site is yet to be launched). For something cheaper and more high street, you could look at And Other Stories on Regent Street/ online? If you have the energy, you could try hitting Liberty's on the Boxing Day sale. You won't find dirt cheap, but there are often lots of quality items by interesting designers on sale.
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I really love COS for the style in the photos you've shared. They're owned by H&M but their clothing is a definite step or two above H&M's fast fashion shit. COS also has a defined aesthetic (think Scandinavian, minimalist) and it not just trying capitolize on the next trend. Weekday, also owned by H&M, is dedicated to "modern and mindful fashion... We keep both the future of fashion and the future of society in mind."

It looks like Everlane ships to the Uk using a third-party forwarder.

All Saints is a bit more upmarket, and then a step above that is Acne Studios, which is too rich for my blood but might fit what you want.

I live in Amsterdam and I have this same issue. I refuse to shop at H&M, Zara, Topshop, etc. — not just for ethical reasons, but I'd like my clothes to last more than a few washes.
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I am very aware of COS, which is a good shout, but their clothes don't fit me right and also it's kind of a standard uniform where I work. I really want to avoid any non UK/EU based stores as I've been so burned by import taxes in the past. Weekday and Diverse are a good shout.

I did some more internet snooping and found some others and thought I'd share here in case others are interested:

The Acey
Ceclie Copenhagen
Uterque (Owned by Zara, yuk, but mainly in Spain and not that common in the UK)
Wood Wood
House of Dagmar
Fashion Bunker
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