What gym bag should I buy?
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I am overwhelmed with the options and reviews for gym bags and I need some help.

I am currently going to the gym five days out of the week - 3 days using the treadmill, 1 day going swimming and then yoga on the weekend. At the moment I am carrying everything in my messenger bag, but it is overstuffed and I hate wearing bags across my chest. So what I need is the following:

1. Not cross-body so a backpack or duffle would be best
2. Can hold a complete set of gym clothes with a separate compartment for sneakers (women's size 9) and another compartment for wet items post swim. The wet compartment is optional since I can carry a wet bag for that if necessary.
3. A way to hold my yoga mat which is an extra thick version (This one specifically) Though that isn't a deal breaker since yoga is a weekend thing.
4. An outside pocket for my water bottle (22 ounce bottle - about 2.5 in. around and 10 in. tall)
5. Good construction / durable
6. Comes in basic colors.
7. EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS - if it had a compartment I can store my lunch in as well I would be a happy person.
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It sounds like you are wanting to buy new, but I had very similar requirements to you and ended up buying a couple of large cloth beach bags at a Goodwill for like five bucks. This is great because I can wash the bags when I wash my gym clothes, which keeps stank down. Might be a good temporary solution if you really are tired of the messenger bag.
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I was searching for backpacks on Amazon a week or so ago and came across a Jansport that had a zippered compartment on the bottom for shoes, and a different backpack called a board pack or board bag I believe that had velcro straps on the front that were intended to secure a skateboard but which might secure your yoga mat instead. A few years back I saw at Marshalls an Adidas duffel bag that was specifically made with a yoga mat strap as well.
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Best answer: i have this adidas one which fits all your requirements aside from the yoga mat one.
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The Extra Mile Duffle or the Urban Warrior Duffle from Lululemon might tick all your boxes.
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I have The Gaim Everything Fits gym bag and really like it. I've had it years and it looks like new. My also size 9 sneakers fit easily, with plenty of room for a change of clothes and a lunch.
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This is the skater backpack I was referring to in my comment above, but looking at it now, it might be a little too young/schoolish. But there are other colors.

Also, I just did a google image search on "adidas gym bag yoga mat" and tons of interesting options came up, so that might be worth a try.
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Best answer: I have the REI Balance gym bag: it's got outside straps for a yoga mat (I use it for my weightlifting belt); and a detachable compartment for wet clothes, inside. Also has the outside pocket for a water bottle; is a duffle bag; and has a second compartment that your sneakers might fit in, depending on the size of your feet.
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Response by poster: I've narrowed it down to either the adidas bag or the REI bag. Two options is definitely better than hundreds. Thanks AskMefi.
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Response by poster: Final Update - I went with the REI bag and I am perfectly happy with it. Their Return Policy is what put this bag over the top.
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