Best building/construction puzzle games for iPad
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Looking for fun building/construction puzzle games for iPad, for kids age 8 & 5.

It's distressingly difficult to figure out what's actually good and what's crap on the iTunes store!

I'm looking for things like The Incredible Machine, or simplified Kerbal Space Program (maybe? I haven't played it yet but it looks like fun). Or bridge building challenges. Untimed games with distinct level challenges that have multiple solutions.

These games are for kids that have outgrown Toca games. They're not that into abstract building like Minecraft -- goal driven building is more their speed, but if There's More Than One Way To Do It then even better.

I'll gladly pay up front for good games. I really dislike in-app purchases so they have to be fully playable with those disabled. The games also should work without an internet connection. Not sure if it matters but it's an iPad 2 so older games might be more performant. OS has been updated to latest as of 5 minutes ago.
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World of Goo
Zen Bound 2

For Pc as well as Ipad, great touch controls, simple but engaging and entertaining in their own respective ways. Puzzle games.
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Try browsing the reviews on Jayisgames. Here's all their reviews for ipad puzzle games that are rated g, organized by their star rating.

Check out Crazy Machines Golden Gears and Windosill.
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Simple Rockets is what you are after in relation to Kerbal.
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