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I'm trying to find a replacement for a lightbulb in my bedroom. Pictures 1, 2. Couldn't get a great photo of the text. I don't see anything indicating wattage. The other side of the bulb is stamped that it is made in China. Can anyone provide the search string I need to replace this? Thanks!
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A search for "fan light bulb" led me to Lowe's.
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Is it a standard bulb base size? If so it is a T type bulb (T for Tubular) and the envelope size is given in 1/8ths of an inch. Looks like a T10 or T12. T is also used for Tube fluorescents so you'll need to specify incandescent or Edison base in searches. Your standard reading lamp is 40 or 60 watts; the fixture itself should have a label.

It is a common aquarium lamp so if your local Borg doesn't have it you might be able to get one from a pet supply store.
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This image seems to show a bulb very close to your own, though there are three wattage options listed in what this particular seller offers, so that doesn't help narrow your wattage situation down. (Also, that link is to packages of 18 bulbs!) Still, there's info here about physical dimensions as well as lots of other technical specs, so this might help you to confirm what kind of bulb you have in order to start narrowing down your search.
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Available at any big box store. Just take it with you to be sure.
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It looks like a T10 (which has a standard sized screw-base). If you want to replace with a similar shaped LED bulb, there are the GE Bright Stiks (non-dimmable, though)
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