Can I have all my slack teams in one window?
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Difficulty level: work and personal email addresses. I have a few work slack channels, and some volunteer/social slack channels. I'd like to not have two different Chrome tabs, because, look, it just bothers me. I'm looking for a solution -- it could be a feature I haven't seen yet, an app, a Chrome plugin ... I just want my NFP board slack and my work project slacks in a single interface.
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Best answer: You want the desktop app.
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I use the Slack desktop and phone apps - yes, on desktop, technically, the two different Slacks I'm on are in two different "tabs" down the side, but I can hit splat-1/splat-2 to tab between them [ctrl if Windows], and at least they're "tabs" isolated to a specific app and not affecting my browsing otherwise.

Are you looking for a solution that intermixes all of the channels/PMs from all of your slacks into one list of people/channels that's always visible? I'm not sure if what I describe about the desktop app fits your desire for a "single interface."
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I use the desktop app and I can switch with key commands between my many teams with my different logins. The user experience is almost identical to the in-browser experience. You do have to toggle between all the channels though, but they exist within one window.
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Maybe you could accomplish this with a slack-to-irc or xmpp gateway and the appropriate irc/xmpp client (like pidgin maybe?).

I don't know what gets lost but if you rely on some slack specific features you'll probably not have them any longer.
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I, too, came in to suggest the desktop app - which I use with a personal gaming group and with my coworkers. (using two different e-mail addresses) It also shows little badges when the channel you're not on has new messages for you to read.

Also, if the desktop app isn't your cup of tea, you can manually switch slacks within Slack's web interface/same browser tab. Click the title of the slack in the upper left hand corner and toward the bottom of the menu it should give you the option to switch to another channel.
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