Does an e-reader with these features exist?
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I want an e-reader that has a backlight (like Kindle Paperwhite), but also one that allows you to really HOLD it. The way I prefer to hold it means my thumb will touch the lower part of the screen. I love this about the 4th gen Kindle, but it doesn't have a backlight. Thanks for any recommendations!
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I have a Samsung Tab A that I also use as an e-reader. Background lighting is adjustable in a multitude of ways, and another pro is the use of apps that reduce blue light for when you're reading before going to sleep. Easy to hold in either portrait or landscape, and of course, you can customize things like font type and size. But yes, tablets are more expensive. On the other hand, they also allow you to read multiple formats with ease.
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How about getting some Friendly Plastic and making a grip/holder that works for you?
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I have smallish hands, and I find the Kobo Glo easy to hold. The bottom is 7/8 inch (23mm). It's got nice fonts and the case is that slightly tacky, rubberized plastic so I don't have to put a lot of effort into my grip.
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I have a kobo h2o, and it has a pretty hefty bottom bezel.

Also, I just went and turned it on and held my thumb on the screen to hold it, and it doesn't react unless I tap or swipe with that thumb. if I just put it on there and hold it it doesn't do anything.
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I feel you about the thumb on the page; I have a PaperWhite which I love except that I do accidentally turn pages when reading, not often enough to wreck the experience but enough that I am looking forward to its death so I can justify getting the Voyage. The pages are turned by pressing on the bezels.

The Oasis has a nice wide edge, but only on one side. I've seen a number of reviews where people have said they didn't realize how often they switched their reader from one hand to another until they got the Oasis, which has to be flipped for the wide edge to be on the left.
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