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Is there a branded LGBT program (other than a podcast) anywhere within the public radio universe (NPR, PRI, APM, PRX)?

NPR removed its branding from "Latino USA" in 2015, and it cancelled the black themed "Tell Me More" with Michelle Martin in 2014 (Martin now hosts NPR's "All Things Considered Saturday" and "All Things Considered Sunday)." Does anyone know if any public radio network has ever considered programming for its LGBT audience, and where have those conversations gone?
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Response by poster: Correction: NPR removed branding from portions of one of Latino USA's 2015 episodes. Appearing on Current’s podcast The Pub in March, show host Maria Hinojosa said doubts expressed by NPR CEO Jarl Mohn about whether radio shows should target specific demographics “does raise questions in our mind” about the future of the show’s relationship with the network."
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I don't know of anything on NPR, but there was a long-running public television show called In the Life.
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I believe it's independently distributed, but This Way Out is a long-standing LGBT radio program heard on many public radio stations.
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KALW has Out in the Bay. It's public radio but not NPR.
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