How is black and white cookie made?
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How does the icing get on black and white cookies? The line between the chocolate and the vanilla is often very precise but with some overlap. Is it dipped? Brushed? Poured? Is there masking? Search engine brings up lots of home recipes but no descriptions of how it is made in commercial bakeries. PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS BURNING QUESTION.
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It's undoubtedly something really unexciting like this in a commercial bakery.

No apologies for the baller soundtrack.
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Best answer: Here's a video that shows it in a bakery. Spread quickly, white first, in a straight line.
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The key is that they're letting the white dry/harden before they put on the black. That means there's no smearing. (Because you can see, in the video above, when the lady is putting the black on, her thumb is smushing down right in the middle of the white, and it's not mussing anything because the white has hardened.)
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When I worked at a grocery store bakery, we dipped, not spread. White first, then black!
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Response by poster: But how do you keep the icing on just one side if you dip?
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You dip halfway!
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You dip halfway!

But doesn't that get frosting on the bottom of the cookie?
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Response by poster: That is my question. Traditional black and whites have icing on one side only.
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I'm a fan of the close cousin, the "half moon" cookie. The best one I've ever had is from Harrison's in Syracuse, NY, and this article describes how they frost them: carefully and by hand.
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I think some of the confusion here stems from there not only being one type of black and white cookie. The only ones I've ever seen on the West coast are fully covered in frosting, so they're obviously dipped one side, then the other. The ones in the video posted above are only frosted on one side, and as the video shows, the frosting is spread by hand very carefully.
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