Can you find me a picture of a particular type of shirt?
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Ok, so it's the 90s or 2010s, and you're at the sarong/tie-dye/bong stall at the local fair, and you buy a three quarter sleeve neutral-yet-colorful t-shirt that has gauzy layered images of like, Ganesh, or Buddha, and lotus flowers and random kanji/sanskirt/lord knows printed all over it. You know what I'm talking about? Can you find me a photo of this type of shirt?

I made a dumb joke on Twitter and now I'm obsessed because I can't find a SINGLE image of one of these shirts that were EVERYWHERE for a while!!!
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Response by poster: Oh, I just remembered, this type of shirt MIGHT also have an image of the Eiffel tower superimposed with lots of stamps and post office cancellations and PARIS in rhinestone script. If that jogs anyone's memory.
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Best answer: Have I got you? I've got you - in fact, I may have found the font of all the horror. I give you: the Gaultier shiva top...or really, a selection of search results showing it. Man, those were so bad.
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"Gaultier mesh top" also pulls up a bunch of similar-yet-different images.

Man, I miss the nineties, but more the poptimism spice girls nineties and maybe the early-Clinton sincerity nineties, not those nineties.
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Like this kind of thing? I remember seeing a lot of those in TJ Maxx-type places about ten years ago. Looking for "sublimation print" shirts might get you more.
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Best answer: Like this?
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Best answer: I totally forgot these shirts existed, here's one with writing and koi? fish on it.
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Response by poster: You guys are the best!!! I'm glad I didn't hallucinate this terrible trend and that it's just as bad as I remembered.
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Oh my gosh, how about this one?
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omg I hated those shirts. And yet I just realized that I made a piece of art and hung it on my wall that hits those same notes - multiple layers of designs, with SPARKLES on top. Thanks for the mental image.
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Oh yeah, I still see the "Paris" version of these a fair amount. I'm almost certain one of my aunts wore one to a family potluck this spring. Give it about ten years and my daughter will "ironically" wear these with some cargo capris.
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I was wearing plus size during that time period and that was pretty much all you could find at Lane Bryant. (The Paris kind more than the Orientalist stuff.)
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It's hilarious to see these again. I remember Custo Barcelona was a popular brand that featured this style.
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This is the best one.
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This is the best one.

That one has EVerything. Ganesh, swirls, sparkles, that thing where there are short and long sleeves at the same time for no reason...
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That one has EVerything, Lionel Ritchie, ALL your bank tellers' friends, and a human ottoman! The password is GROOOOOOSSSSSSS.
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Wait, we're not supposed to wear those anymore???!!! How do you people figure out this stuff? Why didn't I get the memo? I love these shirts. I just recently gave away a drawerful that are never going to fit me again - I never knew I could sell them for $15 on ebay as "vintage" - there is someone wandering GoodWill right now making a killing off my ignorance.

I had to look at areaperson's user data to see where they live - I wore my Paris shirt at a family potluck a few months ago. I wear it to work in my weekly rotation. I bought the red one at Ross Dress for Less on clearance, but now that I look, I might get the blue one too.

(I still wear my Birkenstocks and I wish my feet would tolerate Crocs - I love those too.)
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