Excel reverse conditional formatting
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I'd like something like conditional formatting, but that works the other way - a cell's value changes depending upon the colour the cell is filled with.

Conditional formatting can change the cell colour according to value - like red for a negative. I'd like to be able to pick a colour from the pallete, flood a cell, and have the value change accordingly, so a green cell might be worth 1, a red cell 2, blue 3, whatever. (just numeric values). This is for the purposes of drawing a game map and exporting it as a csv - if there's any (decent, free) software purpose-built for that sort of thing, happy to hear about that as well.
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It's not an automatic solution, but it's possible to filter by color, and then drag down a value for all visible cells in a column.
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Best answer: Thanks oceano, that works but was going to be tedious. I should have searched properly - here's a StackOverflow post that gets it done.
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