How to hang out alone in Lawrence, Kansas
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I'll have 2 weeknight evenings alone in Lawrence, Kansas, after 5pm, and may want to stroll (or bike) a quiet beautiful place. Any ideas where a solo business traveler might safely venture in or around Lawrence? I will have a car and enjoy outdoorsy things although the high temps this week are nearly 100. Also enjoy indoor cultural events, but prefer something calming, nature preferred. thank you!
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Lawrence is about 84 miles from Manhattan, which has excellent, awesome Sunset Zoo.

* at least, it was excellent when I lived there ...years and years ago.
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Have you seen this Facebook page: Things to do in Lawrence, Kansas? I can't vouch for anything myself but many places listed look interesting to me.
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It's been years since I lived there, but I always enjoyed walking around campus in the evening, especially in the area by the art museum and campanille. Also on campus, Prairie Acre is very small but cool. Apparently, they're in the process of restoring it.

It's also nice to take a walk around the levee by the river. Or at least it used to be. Again, I haven't been there in a long time, and I'm sure there have been a lot of changes.
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It's all safe, keep wits about and you'll be fine anywhere. Clinton Lake and Wells Overlook Tower are beautiful spots. Tour KU Campus and sit in the bowl of trees behind Spencer Museum of Art.

"Mass" Street (Massachusetts) is the main tourist drag, take a stroll the whole way down. For a real townie vibe, hit up Henry's on Eighth. It's like a mullet... coffee on the bottom, booze on the top. Bourgeouis Pig is great too, you can admire the creepy art dolls hanging in the trees while you get hit on by William S. Burrough's old coterie.
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